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          • Mirror LCD Screen Guard for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000
          • Code: 70001031
          • Manufactured by: OEM

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            Mirror Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (GT-P1000)

              • Custom fit for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000.
              • Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting your Eyes
              • Silicone Adhesive: No glue residue when removed
              • Amaze Mirror Screen Protector is like a mirror that prevents your Touch screen from getting scratched.
              • This screen protector is made of thermo-plastic polymer.
              • Looks and works like a mirror when your Samsung GALAXY Tab P1000's screen is shut off.
              • Once the screen is activated, screen contents appear like normal.
              • Perfect for discreetly checking your appearance or for subtly looking over your shoulder!

            Easy to use :

              • Clean the screen with cleaning cloth thoroughly.
              • Expose 1/2 inch of the Screen Protector. Take care not to touch the adhesive side.
              • Align the exposed section along the edges of the LCD Screen. Make sure the Screen Protector has been placing straightly.
              • Peel off the mask and gently slide over the surface of the Screen Protector, slowly press out any small bubbies that are visible.
              • Peel off the mask on another side after the Screen Protector was in perfect position and completed.
              • If don't fit properly, just remove the Screen Protector gently and repeat the above steps again.

            Compatible with:

            • Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (GT-P1000)

            Package included:

            • 1 x Mirror Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (GT-P1000)





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