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    If a product does not meet your expectations (and the packaging is perfect) or is defective you can return it to us within 15 days by contacting us. We offer the same guarantee to products bearing the flag in their description. If it has expired 15 days we replace the product (if the product is available). If the product is not available within 10 days we replace it with the same or similar product. If it has expired 15 days then sent for repair and you will receive it within 20 to 25 day period.

    The cost of returning defective products charged to the customer. You can send the products with courier (ACS - General Post - Courier Post ELTA) or Post ELTA regular mail. When we will send the product back to you the charge is ours.

    If after review by the Board return receipt established that the product meets the above (such as missing or damaged packaging, damage caused by misuse, etc.) then the repair costs and shipping are charged to the customer.

    Please fill out the form below and print or copy on paper.

    The return must include the following:

    1. The returned product

    2. Proof of purchase

    3. FORM OF RETURN (download)




    Όλες οι τιμές περιλαμβάνουν Φ.Π.Α 24%.

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