• Tempered Glass - Τζαμάκι Προστασίας 0.25χιλ για για Galaxy E5 E500H

0.25mm Tempered Glass Screen Film for Samsung Galaxy E5 SM-E500F SM-E500H Anti-explosion

This screen protector is made from chemically processed real glass, with high transparency, high sensitivity and delicate touch feeling. The premium tempered glass has an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and other contaminants. Super thin, only 0.25mm thickness. Secure anti-explosion function, will not be broken into small pieces of sharp. It protects your phone screen from oil, scratch and abrasion while maintaining high definition visuals. Precise fit, no need extra cut.

  • Made from chemically processed real glass

  • High transparency and delicate touch feeling

  • 0.25mm thickness but strong hardness

  • Secure anti-explosion function

  • With retail packaging

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Tempered Glass - Τζαμάκι Προστασίας 0.25χιλ για για Galaxy E5 E500H

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