• Universal Laptop Φορτιστής 90W με 9 Αντάπτορες
Feature 65W Universal Laptop Adapter
Color Black
Input Voltage 100-240VAC
Input Current 1.2A, 50/ 60Hz
Output Voltage 15 ~ 20V
Output Current 4A (Max)
Output Power 65W
Output Connector 8 or 12 DC Connectors Fit For Most Laptop Models (M1–M12)
Efficiency High Efficiency: >85%
Operating Environment In Use: – 40℃~ 85℃
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Power Cord USA UK EU AU Plug
Net Weight 225 G
Product Size (L)108*(W)50*(H)30 mm
Test Program 12 Hour Burn-In Test, 100% Hi-Pot Test
Safe Approvals CE, FCC, ROHS
Warranty 12 Months
More feature Automatic voltage management Surfaced mounting technology
Multiple Protections Constant current protection Constant voltage protection Continuous power supply control OPP, OVP, OCP, SCP, Over Load Protection
Several adapter tips, compatible with several types of notebooks Directions for universal adapter 's output smart connectors
All of the connectors are intelligent: Automatically assign current in accordance with voltage
Connector Output Connector Size Fit for laptops
M1 (15.0V) 15.0V/Max *W 6.3*3.0mm Toshiba
M2 (16.0V) 16.0V/Max *W 5.5*2.5mm IBM,Lenovo
M3 (16.0V) 16.0V/Max *W 6.5*4.4mm Sony,Fujitsu
M4 (18.5V) 18.5V/Max *W 4.8*1.7mm Compaq, HP
M5 (19.0V) 19.0V/Max *W 5.5*2.5mm Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway,     Toshiba, Liteon
M6 (19.0V) 19.0V/Max *W 5.0*3.0mm Samsung
M7 (19.0V) 19.0V/Max *W 5.5*2.1mm Acer, Compaq, Delta, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba, Liteon
M8 (19.5V) 19.5V/Max *W 6.5*4.4mm Sony
M9 (19.5V) 19.5V/Max *W 7.4*5.0mm Dell
M10 (20.0V) 20.0V/Max *W 3 holes Dell
M11 (20.0V) 20.0V/Max *W 7.9*5.4mm IBM,Lenovo
M12 (18.5V) 18.5V/Max *W 7.4*5.0mm HP,Compaq


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Universal Laptop Φορτιστής 90W με 9 Αντάπτορες

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